There are two great options for premium seating Adirondack Bank Center for hockey games and other select events; The Suite and The Stage.

The Suite is the most exclusive seating in the Adirondack Bank Center and is equipped to comfortably accommodate 20 people. Inside of the suite there are seven barstool seats, seven stadium seats, and plenty of standing room to mingle with guests. Included in the suite is a high definition television (that can broadcast the game or other live sporting events), a bathroom, and personal refrigerator. The open and elevated view gives guests the opportunity to feel as close to the action as possible. All suite guests have the opportunity to utilize the bar in Zetlin’s Lounge.

The Stage serves as one of the premier seating locations inside Adirondack Bank Center. With a comfortable capacity of 20, the Stage is a great spot to host corporate outings, birthday parties, youth groups, family reunions, and much more. The ice-level seating gives fans an unforgettable experience as they are as close to the on-ice action as possible. The stage offers fans the chance to hear and feel the action on the ice for themselves.